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AutoProPAD BASIC Transponder Programmer—INC 1 YR UPDATES (XTOOL)


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    View the AutoProPAD Application Guide Here

    The AutoProPAD BASIC programming machine from XTool is an OBD2 vehicle key/remote programmer. It is ideal for new locksmiths providing security services for their customers for most vehicle makes worldwide. It is the perfect compliment or even replacement to other more expensive or less capable machines.

    It includes the same programming and diagnostics as the AutoProPAD LITE but in a budget-minded package.

    AutoProPAD BASIC Main Features:

    • Transponder & Remote Programming: Including Acura, Audi, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Saab, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen. See the AutoProPAD Application Guide more details
    • Unlimited Usage: No tokens to worry about. It will work forever.
    • Easy, FREE Updates for a Year: The AutoProPAD BASIC updates directly via the Internet using built-in Wi-Fi. Updates are being added regularly and frequently. When your first year is up, just purchase an inexpensive subscription for updates to keep getting the latest software for the newest vehicles.
    • Automotive Diagnostic Functions: reading & clearing fault codes. Also includes a plethora of othe diagnostic capabilities (fully functioning OBD2 diagnostic tool for auto shops).
    • Large Touchscreen Interface: Using the large 7″ capacitive touch screen, paging through the options is fast and easy.
    • Superior Support: Manufacturer is able to remotely control and diagnose your device using TeamViewer for any needed assistance or updates. Technical manuals, circuit diagrams, common trouble codes, etc. are available for viewing on the AutoProPAD BASIC, making external support less necessary. On-the-vehicle support is provided by Americans, located in Southern California (Pacific time zone). The ability to take screenshots and videos of your screen are built into the tablet.
    • Easy, Free Updates:  Updating is simple and updates are frequent.

    AutoProPAD BASIC Current & New Stand-Out Features:

    • Chrysler / Jeep / Fiat New System PIN Reading & Programming
    • Chrysler CAN PIN Reading & Programming
    • Ford 128-Bit Add-A-Key & All-Keys-Lost Programming
    • Ford Fusion 2013+ System Rolling Code Bypass (No NASTF Needed)
    • Ford 10-Minute Bypass on All-Keys-Lost for All Ford Systems: Skip right on through the normal 10-minute wait.
    • Ford Parameter Reset
    • Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Keyless Entry Keypad Code Read
    • GM PIN Code Reading
    • GM Remote Programming
    • Honda 2017 Proximity System Programming
    • Honda Transponder Programming: Super-quick!
    • Hyundai & Kia Old PIN Codes: Converts VIN to PIN for 2007 and older
    • Hyundai & Kia New PIN Code Read: No more buying PINs from the dealer (Smart Keys)
    • Nissan BCM to PIN Conversion: Supports the 5-digit and 20-digit BCMs
    • Subaru G-Key (80-Bit) Add-A-Key & All-Keys-Lost Programming
    • Toyota H-Chip Programming w/ No 16-Minute Wait (Internet connection required until end of February)
    • Toyota G-Chip Programming w/ No 16-Minute Wait
    • Toyota/Lexus Proximity System 6 & 7 Programming All-Keys-Lost & Add-A-Key (ie. 2017 Toyota CH-R & Prius Prime)

    AutoProPAD BASIC New Features Releasing Soon:

    XTool engineers are continuously in America working on more vehicles and features! Here’s what we know so far, but we expect this list to grow.

    • Alfa Romeo programming
    • Audi/VW 2013-2016 Programming for All-Keys-Lost
    • Chrysler Type2 PIN Read Via OBD2
    • Chrysler Pacifica 2018+
    • Hyundai & Kia New PIN Code Read: (Slot Keys)
    • Maserati programming
    • Transponder Motorcycle Programming (coming 2018)

    AutoProPAD BASIC Main Unit Specifications:

    Operating System: Android
    Processor: Quad-Core 1.60 GHz Processor
    Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB Flash
    Display: 7.0″ Touchscreen
    Camera: 5.0MP Rear-Facing w/ Flashlight
    Ports: MicroUSB

    DB15 COM

    Battery: 4000mAh, 3.7V Lithium-Polymer Battery
    Dimensions: 8.2″Wx5.5″Hx1.1″D

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What cars can it program? An AutoProPAD Application Guide has been created for you, but it is constantly changing as we add more features and encounter more vehicles.
    How do I get updates? There are 2 methods for updating your unit:

    1. Connect your AutoProPAD BASIC to a Wi-Fi network. Click the menu button on the top-left and select Updates. There you will see all updates available and can simply click each one to get your device updated.
    2. Connect your AutoProPAD BASIC to a Wi-Fi network. From any screen showing all vehicle manufacturers, a small, white Update icon will appear next to a manufacturer name if an update is available. Click each update icon to perform the update one at a time.

    Please check for updates frequently. We recommend checking it weekly since updates are being added at a fairly fast pace.

    What happens when my subscription ends? Your AutoProPAD BASIC includes a free year of unlimited updates. When your subscription ends, you can continue to use your unit like normal, but any new updates will not be available to download. Also, please note that on-the-vehicle technical support is only available to users with an active subscription.
    Where can I get support? XTool is providing support for this machine from within the US at (888) 988-6865. Please save that number. Note that technical support is only available for users with an active subscription.
    What kind of warranty is included? The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty against defects (not physical damage), covering parts and labor (usually not shipping). Please contact Erik in XTool’s US office with any problems.
    Is the AutoProPAD BASIC the same as other XTool Products? This is different than other XTool machines you may see on sale in other countries. The AutoProPAD BASIC is the only XTool machine made for locksmiths in the US market and includes extra OBD2 and EEPROM software specific to United States vehicles. The cheaper devices such as the PS80, PS90, X100PAD, or X100 have some of the same hardware but mainly performs only the advanced vehicle diagnostic functions that an auto shop might use. For instance, if you purchase a PS80 (instead of an AutoProPAD BASIC), you will not be able to program Nissans with 20-digit BCM, Ford Fusion without NASTF, Toyota G, Toyota H, Toyota Smart Keys, Chrysler 200 systems, most Chrysler PIN code reads, VW/Audi programming, Honda Prox, and many others.


    • AutoProPAD BASIC Main Unit
    • Main cable with OBD2 adapter
    • Power Adapter
    • MicroUSB Cable
    • User Manual
    • Certificate of Quality with Product Activation Info
    • Packing List

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