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Foray Design – King Cobra Lockout Set & Bag – 32″ – 42″ – 52″ Rods + Super Wedge Set + Bag


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    Foray Design

    The Foray Designs King Cobra Lockout Set & Bag is the perfect all-in-one package for any professional locksmith that deals with lockouts all day. Instead of lugging around 5 or 6 different tools, never knowing which one will work the best for which job. This set allows you to carry around the perfect tools every time. Includes 3 Rods, a super wedge set, and a carrying case.


    • Includes: Cobra Series (32″, 42″ & 52″ Rods) + Super Wedge Set + Bag
    • Everything kept together for ease of use & organization
    • Portable carrying case allows every tool to be used in every incident
    • Allows for quick access of all tools for all applications
    • With multiple tools, multiple workers can open different doors at the same time.
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