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HPC MK-CD Masterking Keying Software


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    Providing master key systems is an essential part of servicing the highly profitable commercial, industrial and institutional customers in your market.

    Before you can offer master key systems, you need to understand the fundamentals of master keying. HPC’s program “How to Create Master Key Systems” will teach you everything you need to know. Using edetailed animation, colorful illustrations and audio, this program clearly and concisely explains how to select key bittings, pin cylinders, create Total Position Progression Systems, Rotating Constant Systems, Page Systems and much more.

    Creating a master key system on paper is a time-consuming process, and costly mistakes are easy to make. Once you understand the principles of master keying, you can let the computer do the work quickly and error-free. HPC’s MasterKing program creates superior master key systems faster than ever. MasterKing will guide you through the development of simple or complex master key systems step by step, eliminating the possibility of transposed numbers, duplicated bittings and uncuttable keys.

    Connect your PC to a Tiger SHARK or CodeMax machine and download master key systems for automatic, error-free key cutting.

    MasterKing and the included How to Create Master Key Systems software provide all the information and resources for you to become a master keying specialist.

    *Please Note: If you are using a 64-bit computer running the following versions of Windows:

    Windows Vista

    Windows 7

    Windows 8

    Windows 10

    Windows 11


    Then you need to run MasterKing in Compatbility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

    • Right-click on the MasterKing icon on your desktop.
    • Left-click on Properties.
    • Left-click on the Compatibility tab.
    • Under Compatibility Mode, left-click in ithe box, and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
    • Click Apply then OK.

    Basic Features:

    • Multi-User/Level Password Security
    • Modifiable Report Format Allows You to Print Only What You Want
    • Contains a Database of More Than 220 Lock Types From More Than 50 Manufacturers
    • Generate 1 to 5-Level Systems in the LIST Format
    • Displays Change Keys and Masters for each Block, Row, Vertical Group, Horizontal Group, Page and Multiple Pages in the PAGE Format
    • Specify the number of people and doors, select the QUICK Format, and the program instantly creates the system
    • Automatic Manufacturer Specification Fill-In with Easy Editing Capacity
    • Help File and Tutorial
    • Download Systems to CodeMax®, Tiger SHARK™ and Blue SHARK™ Machines for Error Free Key Cutting
    • Very Intuitive and Easy to Navigate

    Advanced Features:

    • Supports Cross-Keying
    • Supports Total Position Progression and Rotating Constants
    • Computes Driver and Control Pins in Interchangeable Core (IC) Systems
    • Allows Manual Entry of Existing Systems
    • Allows Customized Progression Sequence
    • Allows Entry of Descriptions for Each Bitting
    • Search By Bitting, Key Symbol or Description
    • Supports Sectional Master Keying for Systems Using Graduated or Progressive Keyways
    • Allows Manipulation of the Key Bitting Array
    • Powerful Database Feature Allows You to Export Your Systems to Excel and Others
    • Link Multiple Systems into Larger Sectional Systems
    • Allows Entry of New Manufacturers Through Custom Hardware Feature
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