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HPC TigerSHARK2 Code Cutting Machine


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    Residential and Commercial Keys
    Cut all of your standard keys quickly with our high-speed, single-angle cutter or use the standard HPC cutters that you already use on your 1200CMB Blitz™ and 1200MAX CodeMax®. Choose from a mimicked Plunge Cut, Contour Cuts that remove peaks, or Smooth Cuts that limit sight-reading and eliminates pin wear. The 4-Sided Jaws helps you grip an optimum number of varying keyways. You’ll keep coming back to the TigerSHARK2.Angle Cuts
    One of the amazing parts of the TigerSHARK2’s versatility is the rotating head that generates high-security angle cuts, like Medeco®. This is a revolutionary addition to the now common double-cutter key machines. Relax, knowing that you can rely on one machine to cut so many different keys.Double-Sided Automotive
    The end-mill cutter makes quick work of all of your standard double-sided automotive keys. Gone are the days of having to flip over these standard blanks to cut the second side. You’ll be wowed at the self-calibration, and even more impressed at how fast and accurate you’ll be cutting these keys. Speed and precision gets good keys into the hands of satisfied customers.High-Security Automotive
    Decode and create High-Security Automotive Keys or cut new keys by code. There seems to be no limit to which keys this machine will cut. The easy-to-navigate touch-screen is loaded with graphics that show you exactly how to gauge your keys so that these high-profit keys can be cut quickly and accurately.Tubular Keys and Tibbe Keys
    Don’t tell your customers that you can’t cut these keys. We understand that it is a difficult decision to purchase a dedicated machine for keys that you may not cut very often. But if you can’t cut tubular or Tibbe keys, where are your customers going to go? More importantly, will your customers come back.​Download more information

    Master keying demands marked keys. Don’t settle for stamped letters of differing depths on a crooked line. Give your customers perfection and drive home the importance of their master key system and that will reflect upon you. Add your phone number, codes, or even a logo onto your keys to keep your customers coming back.Customization
    Can’t find the manufacturer that you are looking for? Contact us. We want to team up with you to expand our database and fill it with all of the information that you need to get your job done right.
    Want to do something special? Create your own custom Depth and Space Data Entries to satisfy the special needs of your customers. Then tie them to your onboard customer database so that their keys are always just a couple of clicks away.Search
    Scan the extensive code database for the bitting that you need, and cut that key. Search by Commercial, Residential, Automotive, Motorcycle, and more.
    Plus, search by key blank or multiple key machine depth and space identification number.
    The TigerSHARK2 is designed with the Novice and Professional Locksmith in mind. If you are used to other machines. You’ll find that the TigerSHARK2 is a graceful transition to effortless key cutting. If you’ve never cut a key before, you’ll be cutting them quickly on your new TigerSHARK2.Decoder
    Multiple decoding and self-calibration probes keeps your machine accurate and ready to cut your customers’ keys. Decode residential and commercial keys. Even decode Medeco®. The specially designed decoding probe not only detects depths but reads angles as well. The magic happens as the machine detects the exact position of your blanks before cutting. This ensures accurate keys and satisfied customers.Vanity Mirror
    The cutting area is mirror-backed and illuminated for ease of blank loading. The Jaw Assemblies quickly slide in and out and lock into place, giving you the ability to cut a larger variety of keys. The flexible arm allows you to position the touch-screen in countless ways for optimal viewing and operating.
    The TigerSHARK2 is loaded with special features. Too many to list.

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