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Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B Update Version of FT11-H0410C 312/314 MHz Toyota Smart Key PCB with Shell


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    Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B Update Version of FT11-H0410C 312/314 MHz Toyota Smart Key PCB with Shell


    1. FT02 PH0440B is the update version of FT11-H0410C, support more old Toyota 8A models
    2. Frequency Switchable. You can change the frequency to match your car
    3. This new FT08 PH0440B has powerful functions including collection, simulation, copy, and matching.

    Collection Function: 
    Example 1Emergency start, say customer lost one working key, then he uses H0440C to collect data and generate a new working key(as a replacement of the lost one) to start car.
    Here if customer want to use 0440B to work as the blank key, since its P4: 91OOAAAA, it can only support same car model. If car model is 9100A9A9 chip type (0410), you will need to get same type of blank key accordingly.
    Here H0440C work as a emulator, it has no smart function,and can not work as a working key.

    Example 2: When all key lost, use H0440C to generate a working key to start car.
    Note: In case 1 & case 2, H0440C support both 0410(9100A9A9) old models and new 0440 (P4:9100AAAA) which used to requre dealer code.

    In this Add-key situation, say you have 2 original keys, now you use H0440C to add a 3rd. There will be a remote conflict between this newly gener ted H0440C, and one of the original keys.cause itsb y generation to replace one of the original key.

    Simulation Function : means that it can be used as lke to light up the instrument of a car, but the supported functions are not as complete as lke.

    Copy Function: The functions equivalent to t0410B can also be done with this card.

    Matching Function: means directly use as a new key on the car.

    Need Toyota AKL Online Calculation Activation in order to be able to use this PCB, or you can use Lonsdor K518ISE with LKE Emulator and Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter.

    Package includes:

    1pc x Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B Toyota Smart Key PCB
    1pc x Toyota Smart key Shell

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