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Set Of 4 Replacement Shims With Case MK241


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    Replacement shims for the MK240.


    Great flexibility to get around corners. Great strength to move that latch inwards.
    Also works on window catches
    Perfect tool to help protect paint while opening car doors with long reach tools
    2 different thicknesses: 3 thick & 3 thin
    Black PVC case included with velcro closure
    Open virtually any susceptible knob or gate latch lock. In our experience, this works for around 25% of the residential door unlockings you will run into when a deadbolt is not locked. Use this as your FIRST option: either it will open the door in under 5-10 seconds or you move onto picking.

    STEP 1: Pull the door towards you to make the dead latch fall into the strike hole.
    STEP 2: Slide shim into door gap below the latch and then move the shim upwards until it comes in contact with the door latch.
    STEP 3: Move the shim backwards until it clears the latch, then move it up on top of the latch
    STEP 4: Push the latch shim forward forcefully while at the same time pulling the door backwards towards you. If the latch is susceptible, the door should open. If does not open, move on to your next opening method (eg. picking the lock).
    TIP: If you can get the dead latch to extend far enough out from the faceplate, you can open the door with a latch shim. Pulling the door towards you HARD to get the dead latch to fall into the strike hole is one way. Under the right conditions, another way could be to use an air wedge to create a large enough gap between the door and the door jamb. It may take some extra force to make that latch move with the shim, but many times you can get that door to POP! open this way.

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