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Xhorse Vvdi Mini Prog EEPROM Programmer


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    In stock

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    The Xhorse VVDI MINI PROG Solder-Free Programmer is a self-contained programming and re-flashing device that can read and write EEPROM data without soldering. It can be used for “Re-Flash” type Key Programming, memory device cloning, and module programming. This programmer does not require a PC for use like other EEPROM programmers on the market and it’s compatible with any iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet through Wifi or Bluetooth.

    • No need to remove chip, solder, cut the wire, or lift the pin.
    • Easy to use for beginners.
    • No need to dismantle or cut the wire and risk damaging the PCBIncludes:
    • PIN Header 1
    • PIN Header 2
    • PIN Header 3
    • EEPROM Adapter
    • DB15 Cable
    • USB Cable use
    • Extended features including hex editing for advanced users
    • Ergonomic design, convenient and comfortable to work with

    Works with Your Phone

    You don’t need to carry a computer or other devices anymore when working. What you need is only a mobile phone! Download Xhorse application in APP store and find MINI PROG, then start working! We support both IOS and Andriod systems.

    The working interfaces are as above. As a common advantage of all Xhorse products, you will be instructed for every step. Each step such as reading or writing can be finished on your phone. What’s more, you can directly resort to Xhorse technicians on Xhorse APP if you encounter any problems. We’d be very happy to help!

    DOWNLOAD APP HERE —->  iPHONE  or Android

    DB15 Cable * 1 pc
    EEPROM Adapter * 1pc
    Pin Headers *3 pcs
    Pin Header 1 supports reading DIP8 chip
    Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
    Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip

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