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Xhorse XEKF21EN Super Remote Key Knife Flip 3 Buttons Built-in Super Chip


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    In stock

    Product Specs

    CR2032 Not Included

    Each XEKF21EN Super Key can get 40 Bonus Points when first using

    Comes with quality guarantee for all have passed quality control before delivery.
    And it is compatible with the most the VVDI generating tools.
    By using Xhorse Remote Key, you can accumulate member points which can be used to exchange VVDI 2 part special functions and accessories.
    Since we have the xhorse super chip, we can now use the super remote for all possible IDs.
    Xhorse Super remote, built-in vvdi super chip, so it can support more types.

    Style: Ford
    Color: Black
    Button: 4 Buttons
    Transponder: Yes
    Battery: No

    The vvdi super remote supports following chip types:
    7935 (33 40 41 42 43 44)
    7936 (46)
    7938 (47)
    7939 (49)
    7937 (46)
    7946 (46)
    7947 (47)
    4D (60 63 70 80 83 72G 67 69)
    4E (64)
    4C (Corolla EX)
    8C (for Haima)
    8A (supports copy for Toyota H chip/ for Hyundai 8A chip)
    48 (for VW/ for Honda)
    8E (for Audi/ for Honda)

    And VVDI Super remote covers all functions of xhorse wire and wireless key.
    1.Xhorse wireless key is with NXP Chip,which is like the hitag series chips,like the chip ID46 and ID47
    2.Xhorse wire key is without NXP Chip.
    3.VVDI Super remote is with super chip inside, can support more key types.

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