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HPC / Scotsman High Security Dorgard III


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    • HPC-DG3-APS-10

      A common problem with narrow stile aluminum doors is attack at the door jamb. An unprotected door is subject to a pry bar spreading the door and the jamb, or even ripping out the jamb, allowing unauthorized entry. Sawing the bolt has also been a means to gain unlawful entry. DorGard III will thwart all of these attempts, as well as guard the lock cylinder. The DorGard III provides the same cylinder protection as the DorGard II, plus has the added benefit of a latch protection plate. This hardened steel plate becomes an integral part of the DorGard system. Cast in one piece, with ribs on the back for added strength, the latch plate has two pins that will rest in holes drilled into the door jamb. This innovative pin feature adds another level of security to the door by linking the door and the jamb together. The DorGard III is the perfect choice for electric strike applications; it adds security to the convenience of electric strikes. It completely conceals the area of the lock bolt and strike, and blocks all access to the lock and cylinder. The DG3 can be used with any cylinders from 15/16″ to 1-3/8″ (2.38 to 3.50cm) in length. The DorGard III is non-handed so it can be used on right or left handed doors.

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