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Lonsdor LT20-04 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key for K518 KH100+ Series


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    Product Specs

    Lonsdor LT20-04 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key
    The  Lonsdor LT20-04 smart key supports 4D and 8A keys, and currently supports the conversion between 4D and 8A keys for Toyota and Lexus.

    Instruction of LT20 series boards:

    Board P1/P4 Frequency(MHz) Modulation Pack Buttons
    0020 P4 [00 00 88 88] 314.35/315.10/312.09/314.35/433.58/434.42   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
    7930 P1 [ 98 ] 312.00/ 314.35/315.12/433.92   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
    2110 P4 [00 00 A8 A8] 314.35/315.10/312.09/314.35/433.58/434.42/312.50/314.00   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
    0010 P4 [00 00 A8 A8] 433.58/434.42/312.09/314.35   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
    Product Functions:

    Items Functions K518 series KH100P
    1 Can be got version information of by.
    2 Can be read button functions by.
    3 Button’s functions can be converted.
    4 Can be unlocked by K518 and KH100P.
    5 Can be up-graded by.
    6 Frequency can be modified by.
    7 Copy smart key by K518, KH100P negative. ×
    8 Can be converted SW model by.
    9 Remote counting data can be modified.
    10 Emergency key can be generated.
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