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Main Data Cable for AutoProPAD Lite (MAGNUS)


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    Replacement main data cable for AutoProPAD Lite.

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    This extremely flexible, nylon-braided cable is the upgraded version of the main data cable for the AutoProPAD LITE and other devices using DB-15 to DB-15 connections.  It has been designed to function as a backup or replacement for the OEM main data cable that shipped with the AutoProPAD. We have put this cable through the ringer, leaving it on a vehicle dash in 100+ degree weather, and putting it in a freezer for months at a time. At no point did it ever lose its flexibility or functionality.

    Outstanding Features:

    • Comfortable thumb screw lockdowns
    • In-line power port
    • Flex guard fittings to prevent breaking at the connector
    • 5-feet in length, but coils smoothly for easy storage
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