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Smartbox Automotive Key Programmer (2Nd Generation)


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    Product Specs

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    Key & Remote Programming
    Chip Reader
    Frequency Testing
    Key Cloning
    Used Remote Unlocking
    Includes 1st Month Unlimited Usage Free
    **Vehicle Battery Tester
    Includes SMART CHIP Adapter
    **Bluetooth Feature (Program Vehicle without Cables)
    * Now SmartBox has the ability to Read and Clear Error Codes.
    ——Note: Additional error code updates will be added regularly.—-
    * Improvement on Toyota H and G chip immobilizer reset
    * Reading CS Code 7th byte for VW 48-chip pre-coding using a programmed key
    * Unlocking ‘8E’ chips
    *New Version 4.2
    NEW! Rogue 2018
    NEW! GM Pin Codes
    NEW! Pacifica 2017
    Click here for a List of Supported Vehicles

    Can Now Program Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep 2018!

    Latest Update: Land Rover / Range Rover 2017!

    SmartBox Automotive Key Programmer
    Program 92% of vehicles on American roads.
    Program vehicles using a modern tablet with easy step by step guides for programming.
    Read and clone transponder keys / chips. (Programs H-Chip faster then any other)
    Built-In frequency tester to ensure you have a functioning remote at all times.
    Using the Battery Tester: once you are connected to a vehicle and you log-in with your pin number, the battery tester will be located on the top header of the home screen. Here you will see a voltage read.

    To Enable the Bluetooth Feature: there should be NO cables going between the tablet and the device. Make sure you have Bluetooth manually turned OFF in the Settings section of your tablet. Go back to your home screen and select the SMARTBOX APP, once it opens select to turn ON the BLUETOOTH switch located at the bottom right hand corner of the app. Once you turn it ON, the TABLET LIGHT on the SmartBox device should turn ON. Now you may log-in using your personally created 4-digit pin number.

    If you would like to use the cable instead of the Bluetooth feature, please make sure you turn OFF the Bluetooth feature on your app and tablet. Now you may open the application using the cable

    Registrationand Basic Usage


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