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VVDI Key Tool MAX Pro Built In OBD And CANFD Modules


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    VVDI Key Tool Max Pro
    Combines functions of Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool
    The brand new Key Tool Max Pro from Xhorse comes with all the features of the existing Key Tool Max but with much, much more!

    Pro Version Features OBD and CANFD Modules Built-in!

    Designed with locksmiths in mind this device has all the staple featues of Xhorse’s excellent VVDI Key Tool range including transponder cloning & generation, RF testing and remote renewal. It also opens up the world of the Xhorse Super Chip and Xhorse Universal Remotes; increasing your vehicle coverage immensely.

    This new device comes complete with an OBD cable allowing programming directly through the Key Tool Max Pro rather than needing a separate programmer. It also means the device receives power over OBD so you don’t need to worry about losing charge on the job!

    Key Tool Max Pro Functions:

    • Immobilizer programming
    • Service reset
    • Generate remote
    • Clone remote
    • Generate transponder
    • Copy transponder
    • Generate special function
    • Unlock/Renew remote
    • Identity/Copy ID card
    • Generate/Copy garage remote
    • Detect frequency
    • Detect remote battery/voltage
    • NEW Read Voltage and Leakage Current

    Key Tool Max VS. Key Tool Max PRO

    Item Key Tool Max Pro Key Tool Max
    CPU Quad core CPU Quad core CPU
    RAM 1G+8G 1G+8G
    OBD module Yes,Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
    CANFD module Yes No
    Battery Voltage Test Yes No
     Immobilizer programming Yes,Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
    Cadillac CT4/CT5 CAN FD Yes No
    Buick GL8/ ENCLAVE CAN FD Yes No
    Chevrolet Cavalier/Trax CAN FD Yes No
    Service Reset Yes,Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
    Generate remote (remote, smart card, Toyota XM remote, garage remote) Yes Yes
    Copy remote Yes Yes
    Identify/copy chip Yes Yes
    Generate chip Yes Yes
    File make key (Immo data tool) Yes Yes
    Other special functions Yes Yes
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